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Data Center

Data Center

Data center components require significant infrastructure to support the center's hardware and software. These include power subsystems, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), ventilation, cooling systems, fire suppression, backup generators, and connections to external networks.

That is a lot to have to manage. A power outage can be disastrous.  Our MicroGrid Systems are known as Distributed Generation and provide onsite primary power as a cost-effective solution to keep the power on continuously with lower operational costs and, always on power. A combination of CHP, solar, and/or energy storage provide the power you need, and our solar HVAC / Heat Pumps reduce your energy consumption up to 80% for environmental conditioning.  Contact us to review your resiliency goals and ensure you never experience a glitch again.

The data is out there to help you make a decision to switch to Distributed Generation power.

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